Looking for a challenge, camaraderie, a way to give back to your community or to be a part of something that truly matters?  Volunteering as a firefighter, EMT or support services member offers many personal rewards!  


Looking to join our team as a paid member?  If you believe in hard work, supporting your community, learning valuable skills, and saving lives –  there are very few jobs as satisfying as being a firefighter.  We would love to talk with you about coming on board.

Volunteer Eligibility

AGE: The minimum age requirement to join WCFD is sixteen years old.

  • Members will be classified as “Junior Firefighters” until their 18th birthday.
  • Members Eighteen years of age or older will be classified as an “Exterior Firefighters” or “Interior Firefighters” depending upon training certifications.
DRIVERS LICENSE: All members must possess a valid North Carolina driver’s license.
EDUCATION: All members except junior members must posses a valid High School Diploma or GED.  Junior members must obtain a valid High School Diploma or GED before becoming eligible for advancement.  

Paid Requirements

Applicants must complete an application and include the following information:

  • Photocopy of North Carolina Driver’s license or equivalent.
  • Copy of North Carolina Firefighter 1 Certificate or equivalent Pro Board / IFSAC.
  • Copy of ICS 100 (Intro to Incident Command), ICS 200 (Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents) and ICS 700 (Intro to NIMS).
  • Copy of North Carolina EMT – B Certificate.

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